The city of Grodno

Grodno is situated in the north-east of Belarus, on the bank of river Neman. It is only 15 km to Polish and 25 km to Litvian border. 300'000 people live in this city with three universities. It is the cultural and administative center of Grodno Oblast' (province). In the center there are many old houses with colorful fronts.
The history of the city was changeful, and Grodno was part of many different kingdoms and states.
It was my place to live for six weeks and I liked it there very much. It is a calm and beautiful city with many trees and very nice people.

view Very pittoresque view across the bridge over river Neman to the centre of Grodno. Theatre, beer brewery, jesuit church and cistercian church can be seen.
cistercian The very beautiful cistercian church in the center of Grodno. In contrast to the Belarussian average, where the russian orthodox believers are in the majority, the percentage in Grodno its fifty-fifty catholic and orthodox.
theatre Drama theatre. Unfortunately there were no performances during the summer.
theatre Drama theatre and tank monument next to Sovjetskaja square. In the very centre of the city.
karlmarx Karl-Marx street in the center of Grodno.
sovjetskaja Sovjetskaja street is the main street in the center with many shops and restaurants along it. Very nice and without cars!
park A place to sit down, next to Sovjetskaja square.
kolosha "Boris and Gleb" church near the bank of river Neman. This orthodoxal church and is around 900 years old!
neman River Neman with the centre of the city in the background.
street Approaching Grodno from Poland by car.
blk Bulvar Leninskowo Komsomola. People like to use shortcuts and so they call this street just BLK. This photo was taken near my workplace.
workplace This was my workplace, a building of the physical department of Grodno State University in BLK.
outskirts1 The outskirts of Grodno in the region of Brikel- and Limosza-street.
outskirts2 In the background the antenna of Grodno. It is very high! For the first days it was a good landmark to find my way home!
outskirts3 Brikel-street.
jubilennoje This is Jubilennoje lake near Grodno. It is an artificial lake and very popular for swimming. It can be reached in 10 min by taxi or 45 min by foot.
jubilennoje Pavels party on the katamaran. Please notice the sweeper! :-)
jubilennoje Fun! :-)
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All pictures © by Michael Lerjen, 2002