Visit to Minsk

There were some other IAESTE and IAAS exchange students in Belaurs. Alexander, Elena, Viktor, Pavel, Vladimir and Juri organised for us a weekend-trip to Minsk and Grodno.

bus The bus journey to Minsk takes 4-5 hours, so there is a lot of time to look out of the window!
view A Belorussian village.
station There are some stops in towns where people get in or out of the bus. It is a good opportunity to go out to move for some minutes and to supply different wants :-).
approaching And finally the first buildings of Minsk appeared.
bus station This is the bus station in the center of Minsk, near the railway station.
railway station The new railway station of Minsk.
skarini Minsk is a big city with 1.5 mio people living there. It was almost completely destroyed after World War II, and then rebuild in a very interesting structure: Long, nearly straight "prospekti" from the centre to the outskirts find their continuation in the highways to Moscow, Warsaw, Vilnius and Kiev. This is the main "prospekt", Skarini, heading in direction of Moscow.
obelisk This obelisk on the right is devoted to the heroes of Minsk. The monument was build 1985 and is 45 m high.
zentral Our group of exchange students and our belarussian guides on Oktjabrskaja square in the centre of Minsk. In the background, the Great Patriotic War museum and the theatre can be seen.
Except of a group of Germans in the train from Gomel to Minsk, they were the only people from western europe that I have met during my time in Belarus!
flat A wonderful flat was organized for us by the people responsible for the exchange. It was our base to explore Minsk.
In the evening we planned to go to a disco, but ...
flat Uladzimir, the great musician and composer with his bajan (accordeon). He was our entertainer and made us familiar with traditional folk music.
I think the meldodies are still playing in all our minds.
market Next day we visited the big market hall near Jakub Kolas square.
park In a park next to Leningradskaja street. Many other such funny statues are standing there. In this evening we travelled to Grodno by train.
grodno Very early in the morning, we arrived in Grodno. Pavel organised some beds for us in a student hostel. So we went first there to sleep for a little. And then Pavel showed us the centre of Grodno.
grodno Our group together with Ivan in front of the Agrarian University of Grodno. Ivan is a professor there.
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All pictures © by Michael Lerjen, 2002